The Silver Chain Challenge is a friendly competition between Renfrew County and Lanark County to inspire and promote more active and healthier communities.

The Physical Activity Network - Renfrew County, Mississippi Mills Bicycle Month in Lanark County, and our partners at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, are inviting residents and visitors of both municipalities to compete for the most number of kilometres biked over the month of June. So dust off your bikes and lace up your shoes to participate in any and all forms of active transportation!

2015 is the third year that Lanark County has issued the challenge to Renfrew County. In support, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute is promoting and challenging residents and visitors of both municipalities to be more active towards ensuring healthier hearts.

From June 1 through 30, Lanark and Renfrew County residents can log their kilometres — whether walking or biking.

All the while, a real-time bar graph of kilometres clocked will be displayed on the homepage of this website, showing which county measures up to being the most active on bicycles.

All walking and cycling data is displayed on the Stats page, inviting friendly community-to-community competition.

We hope to inspire healthy competition and talk more about healthy, active communities where people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds move more, to build healthier communities, and enjoy healthier and happier lives.

Register to this website TODAY and start clocking your kilometres on June 1. Start small and log each trip.

The benefits are huge: improved mental and physical health, vibrant and healthier communities, stronger local economy, and engaged and active community.

A hearty challenge to all outdoor enthusiasts: clock your kilometres and show us who's tops!

Participate as an individual, family, school class or group.