The Silver Chain Challenge is an exciting competition that brings together communities from across Eastern Ontario to foster active, safe, and healthier living.

Our Silver Chain partners, along with an expanding network of collaborators, are inviting residents and visitors from participating municipalities to join the challenge of biking, walking, running, and using any form of active transportation throughout the month of June. So, get ready to dust off your bikes and tie up your shoelaces!

For over six years, the Challenge has inspired and motivated individuals to embrace a more active lifestyle. Our health and community partners are working alongside municipalities to encourage residents and visitors to become more engaged, healthy, and safe.

From June 1 to 30, residents of participating municipalities can log their kilometers, whether they are achieved by walking or biking. A real-time bar graph showcasing the accumulated kilometers will be displayed on the homepage of this website, providing a friendly competition to determine the most active county.

All walking and cycling data is displayed on the Stats page, inviting friendly community-to-community, group to group and school to school competition.

Our aim is to inspire healthy competition and generate discussions about active, vibrant communities where people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities embrace movement, leading to healthier, safer, and happier lives. Through the Silver Chain Challenge, we unite to support pedestrian safety and various health, economic, and safety aspects outlined in Ontario’s #CycleON strategy. You can find more information about the strategy here.…

Register on this website TODAY and start clocking your kilometers. Start small and log each trip.

The benefits are immense: improved mental and physical health, vibrant and healthier communities, safer roads for everyone, a thriving local economy, and engaged community members of all ages. Discover more about the safety advantages of active transportation here:

REMEMBER: This competition goes beyond mere points. It’s about increasing the number of participants and kilometers logged in each community. It’s about having fun and embracing an active lifestyle together!